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Use Hash Me is very simple.
Running the program you just fill the fields required to get your string hashed with the options selected.

The program is composed by:

  • an exe file (HasMe.exe)
  • a "Template" folder
  • a Template file (Template.XML situate in Template Folder)

Is important to keep Template folder in the same mian folder of the exe file.
It search in the Application folder for template file. If it doesn't find the template file, it will not possible to save your own hash template.

How to use Template

To load a saved template is just necessary select the template from the select combo box in the top left side of the main Window.
After that you can edit the default configuration pressing the "Edit" button or you can delete the Template pressing the "Delete" button
To save a new template you must fill the template name in the combo box in the top left side of the main Window and than you must fill the fields you need.

For Developers

Actually Hash Me is a very simple program composed by a primary Program Class and secondary hash Class.
There's only one Project in the VS2012 Solution and there isn't any pattern applied.

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